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Turning Scans into a PDFs
24 July 2008 @ 13:39 BST
by Paul

Often I need to scan a document of several pages and send those pages to someone by email.

Rather than send them several image files, often it is better to convert those image files into one PDF.

First scan the images:

scanimage --format=tiff --resolution=300 > scanX.tif

Where 'X' is a number that you increment every time you scan a page.

Then, concatenate the various tiff images into one using tiffcp:

tiffcp scan*.tif scan-all.tif

Finally, use tiff2pdf to turn the tiff file into a pdf.

tiff2pdf scan-all.tif > scan.pdf

tiff2pdf comes with quite a few useful options. The -j switch turns the images into jpegs so saving space. The -z switch compresses the images.

Tags: pdf images

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