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Playing with Openbox
23 March 2009 @ 14:40 GMT
by Paul

Kmandla wonders why anyone reads his blog.

But there is a lot of the Internet that escapes me. Blogging is a perfect example. Why anyone would care or want to sift through the dreck I post here is confusing too.

Well, I can tell him. He writes very well on interesting Linux topics. In particular, he writes about getting low power machines doing something useful.

So far, kmandla has encouraged me to do two things:

  • start to use rtorrent instead of ktorrent
  • play around with open box

Openbox the lite-weight desktop manager that is extremely configurable. It also has some beautiful themes. So open box is great. I have one major problem. How do I get konsole, and for that matter other terminal emulators to have transparent backgrounds?

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