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Exim - routing some domains differently to others
11 October 2004 @ 19:11 BST
by Paul

This is a problem I had with how one particular smart host routes a particular domain. So, I decided to route around it.

The solution is quite simple, but it is difficult to find this information in the exim documentation unless you know exim really well.

Anyway, this is my solution for routing mail to Yahoo's mail service differently from all other domains. In the routers section of the exim.conf file put something like the following:

  driver = lookuphost
  domains =
  transport = remote_smtp

# Send all mail to a smarthost
  driver = domainlist
  transport = remote_smtp
  route_list = "* a.smtp.server bydns_a"


Note that the order they come in is important. The block I've called 'lookuphost', simply routes domains in the 'domains' options directly. Everything else is sent to the

Tags: email exim

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